Former Graduate Student Advisees

My former doctoral advisees are all employed:

Camille Cushman, graduated 2011.  Dissertation title: At the intersection of dramatic play, critical inquiry, and performance in third grade reading instruction: imagining new possibilities for English language learners performing literacy.  Grade 1-3 teacher, Montessori Public School, Charlotte, North Carolina.

Kevin Cordi, graduated 2009. Dissertation title: An autoethnography: Using stories and drama to improve my teaching: A professional storyteller ‘bends back’ to look forward. Assistant professor, Ohio Dominican University

Kim Miller, graduated 2008. Dissertation title: Play and literacy learning in one urban early childhood classroom. Assistant professor, Ohio Dominican University

Caroline Mauer, graduated 2008. Dissertation title: Peer dialogue at literacy centers in one first-grade classroom. Associate Professor and director of teacher education, Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Lucila Rudge, graduated 2008. Dissertation title: Holistic education: An analysis of its pedagogical application. Visiting assistant professor at The Ohio State University

Patricia Wies Long, graduated 2001. Dissertation title: Women teaching between the lines: A study on subverting dominant cultural discourses of racism, power, and privilege.  Associate professor, Cleveland State University

Ambika Gopalakrishnan, graduated 2001. Dissertation title: Wide awake: A self-reflexive study examining culturally relevant and responsive pedagogy. Assistant professor, California State University, Los Angeles

I have advised over forty masters students. 

Derek Hinkle is about to graduate MA, 2013. He is a 5th grade teacher in Reynoldsburg who was a member of the 2010-11 cohort of teachers in the OSU/RSC PD program. His MA portfolio focused on comparing the effectiveness of his use of dramatic inquiry and rehearsal room approaches in teaching “struggling readers” with more traditional approaches. Derek’s students showed more gains than any other classroom in the district.


Laura Lonski is about to graduate MA, 2013. I was a member of her committee. She is a high school teacher in Columbus. Her MA capstone portfolio focused on the use of dramatic inquiry to promote the inclusion of English Language Learners in the collaborative learning she has developed in her classroom.


Chris Ray graduated MEd 2012 and is a former Master of Education student who is licensed to teach Theatre/Drama K-12.  He is the Theatre teacher at West High School in Columbus City Schools. At Ohio State he had a GA position funded by the OSU/RSC PD program, he was part of the 2011-12 cohort, and is how an alumni teacher-leader.   








Some of my MA advisees wrote theses
.  Like doctoral dissertations they are available to be downloaded and read through OSU library.

Rebecca Wanless graduated MA 2013.  She teaches 1st grade at K-1 School in New Albany Plain Local Schools.  She was one of four teachers in the SAIL program, School for Arts-Intergrated Learning with whom I did professional development and research, 2007-08. Her MA thesis title is: The Progression and Development of Community in a First Grade Classroom.










Lisa Bauman, graduated MA 2003. High school teacher: Worthington City Schools, Ohio. Thesis title: A white teacher’s use of drama in classroom inquiry that explored issues of prejudice and racism

Deborah Belcasto, graduated MA 2003. Elementary school teacher: Southwestern City Schools, Ohio. Thesis title: An action research study on using drama for learning: Implementing Dorothy Heathcote’s Mantle of the Expert approach to education

Elizabeth Fitts, graduated MA 2003. Actor-teacher: The Phoenix Theatre for Children, Columbus, Ohio. Thesis title: An examination of classroom community in the drama classroom through action research and refractive practitioner research

Nina Gilbert, graduated MA 2003. Current employment unknown. Thesis title: A teacher research study of the influence of using improvisational drama in teaching an integrated curriculum unit of study on kindergarten children’s free-choice play

Nicole Henry, graduated MA 2001. Drama specialist teacher: Fair Avenue Alternative Elementary School, Columbus City Schools. Thesis title: The importance of drama as inquiry