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Chapters from My Books

Chapter Five: Dramatic Inquiry: Imagining and Enacting Life from Multiple Perspectives.  In Beach, R., Campano, G., Edmiston, B., & Borgman, M. (2010). Literacy Tools in the Classroom: Teaching through Critical Inquiry, Grades 5-12.  New York: Teachers College Press

Chapter One: Exploring Castles: Authentic Teaching and Learning through Drama. In Wilhelm, J. & Edmiston, B. (1998).  Imagining to Learn: Inquiry, Ethics, and Integration Through Drama.  Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann

Chapter Three: Ethical Imagination: Choosing and Ethical Self in Drama.

Chapter Five: Drama as Inquiry: Students and Teachers as Coresearchers.  

Unpublished papers

Mountain Rescue Team: Planning to use the Mantle of the Expert Approach

Authoring complexity with dramatic inquiry

Building Social Justice Communities

Expert Positioning Frame Roles

The Mantle of the Expert Approach to Education