OCTELA Conferences 2013 and 2012

On March 23, 2013  I chaired presentations by eight of the RSC/OSU teacher-leaders at the Ohio Council of Teachers of English/Language Arts annual conference, held in Worthington.   We had three sessions titled: Teaching and Learning Shakespeare.  Over 50 teachers from all over Ohio attended our sessions.  You can see how engaged people were!

Lorraine Gaughenbaugh, Megan Ballinger, and Alison Volz led a session on Active Rehearsal Room Approaches to Reading









Jessica Sharp and Jill Sampson led a session on Ways in to Complex Texts










Sandy Guinto, Kathy Hoover, and Chris Ray led a session on Building a Community of Readers and Writers.









This was the second year we had presented.  In 2012 Amy McKibben, Tonya Peacock, Aubrey Gibson, Janet Benedict, and David Hall presented alongside the teachers who presented in 2013.