Transforming Teaching and Learning

Transforming Teaching and Learning with Active and Dramatic Approaches: Engaging Students Across the Curriculum. will published by Routledge in August 2013.

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NCTE Conferences 2012, 2011, and 2010

In November 2012 I presented in two sessions of the NCTE annual conference in Las Vegas with two of the teachers: Jill Sampson and Jessica Sharp.  We had over 100 people at our sessions.

In November 2011, at the annual conference in Chicago of the National Council of Teachers of English, I presented with four of the teachers in the Professional Development program as part of the OSU/RSC collaboration: high school teachers, Megan Ballinger, David Hall, and Jessica Sharp, and middle school teacher, Jill Sampson.  Over 75 eager participants attended our presentation, 100 Ways to Teach Shakespeare.

At the same conference, I was a discussant for a presentation by Camille Cushman and Lorraine Gaugenbaugh: At the intersection of dramatic play, critical inquiry, and performance in third grade reading instruction: imagining new possibilities for English language learners performing literacy.  Camille graduated in Summer 2011, was my doctoral advisee, and conducted her dissertation in Lorraine’s 3rd grade classroom.

In November 2010, at the annual conference in Orlando FL, Camille, Lorraine, and Harry Gee participated in an all-day workshop on “Ambitious Reading” led by me and Pat Enciso.