Nick Berne attended English Literature Study Abroad Program at the University of Greenwich, London, England

During the months of July and August 2012, I had the privilege of studying abroad in London, England at the University of Greenwich. The program I was a part of was a literature program in which I and nineteen other Ohio State students studied English literature dating from the Shakespearean Era to present day. Over the course of the six weeks I spent abroad, our group studied under six professors from the University of Greenwich who also led us on excursions throughout the city to notable venues such as London Bridge, Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, the British Museum, and the British Library.

As a fourth year student studying Corporate Training and Development within the college of Education and Human Ecology at OSU, many of the students who joined me in the program often wondered how it was relevant to my studies as the group consisted primarily of English majors. Surprisingly, I found my time abroad to be valuable in developing my skills as a potential prospect working within a business setting.

As we all know London hosted the 2012 Summer Olympics, which happened to be taking place during the time I was there. Over the years, London has established itself as a cultural melting pot as seen through the diverse populace brought in through industry and tourism. Being in London during the Olympics amplified the diversity of the city tenfold as people from all over the world came to root on the athletes representing their nations. Watching the Opening Ceremonies in particular really gave me a sense of the love people have for their country as fans from all over the world cheered equally as loud regardless of whether their nation had five representatives or five hundred.

Throughout my time as a Corporate Training and Development student here at OSU, many of the courses I have taken have stressed the importance of celebrating diversity and creating an inclusive environment in the workplace. Being in London opened my eyes to a part of the world I had never experienced and allowed me to embrace a way of life outside of the United States. It was incredible how different societal norms are in a country that many would probably think is similar to America. I feel as if now more than ever I am ready to take on any challenges that may come my way regarding future careers and working with people from different backgrounds. America itself is a melting pot of countless numbers of people coming from different ethnicities. I feel as if my time abroad really developed my ability to understand and work with people different from myself and enhanced my urge to continue traveling and see more of the vast world we live in.



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